“Whom Shall I Fear?”

I’ve been having a lot of issues with fear lately. There is so many unknowns in this world and with all the craziness out there… the wars, the unrest, the busyness of the highway, the busyness of life, my child that’s growing up way too fast, my husband that is so busy, and then there’s [...]

Slow-Roasted Beef Pizza

You guys. This. Is. Incredible. First of all, I never had made a pizza using roast beef before. Ah-mazing!!! It was so tender and all that juice from roasting it... I'm taken hook, line and sinker. Also, I hadn't used tomatillos before! The reason for that: I was scared of them. I thought I probably [...]

iced tea and books

There's nothing like sitting down with a cold tea and a good book on a summer day! Just add sunshine and a country yard and that's a little bit of heaven on earth! I love reading. When I was younger, I read all the time! I mean, talk about a book worm, that was me! [...]

a woman of the Word, part 2

Hey Friends! It's been a crazy few weeks here! I've barely touched my laptop, except to do some design work for my husband's sister. Last week we were over in eastern Washington to help another sister move! So that was busy; we went over on Sunday afternoon (a 7 hour drive pulling a trailer). Their [...]


It's been extremely busy around here these days! We are so thankful that my man has so much work, that's it's been lots of evening and weekend working! It's because we are headed to Illinois in a week or so, and they'll have to close the automotive shop for a bit! It's a family-run shop, and [...]

rhubarb apple pie

Hi People! It's June! And I'm totally excited for this summer! Got so much going on, a few trips, gardening, planning to do lots of grilling and camp fires, and lots of living outside with my favorite man and my little girl! Summer means rhubarb, strawberries, and so many wonderful fresh fruits and veggies! I'm so [...]