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Continuing the Conversation

Have you ever started a conversation with someone and then the phone rang, so you answered it. After the phone call, you picked back up with talking and then your baby started crying. So you took care of the baby. You tried to keep talking but it seemed like there was always something that interrupted.… Continue reading Continuing the Conversation

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How Does Food Affect Development?

Before I dive into this topic, I want to share something from the bottom of my heart: I feel like health can be a negative topic in some of our minds and we don't want to be a fanatic or weirdo or crazy person. So in sharing this, please understand that I'm just writing down what… Continue reading How Does Food Affect Development?

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Help! My Baby is Constipated!

Hey y'all! Constipation....I know this is kind of a gross subject, but it's life! At least, it used to be part of my life as a new mom! It definitely doesn't fall under the 'fun' category of mommy hood! It was more like the stress category! I exclusively breastfed my baby until she was about… Continue reading Help! My Baby is Constipated!