Sweet Potato Tacos

Happy Tuesday afternoon!!! Want to hear a laundry story? Well, you're about to! I went on Amazon the other week, because I was running low on laundry detergent and didn't want to completely run out, so I quickly picked a cheap, 'natural' brand that had good reviews and got it shipped to my house directly! [...]

Fall, Sourdough and Chocolate!

Happy First Day of Fall!!! Yay!!! Just wanted to share with you some incredible food we've been eating lately and share a recipe that I found that is AH-maz-ing!! Last Friday (a week ago!) we had a BBQ birthday party for two of the guys Brian works with! That was super fun and so delicious! [...]

Healthy Living: what does that even mean?

Life is a journey, right? We're just on a road trip, passing through the world, headed for heaven! Yay! No more fires or hurricanes or sickness or crimes... Seems like that's all we read in the news these days! Everything is very uncertain, but I'm so thankful we don't have to worry about anything! Because [...]

four ways to use zucchini

Hey y'all! So, I am not a gardener... In fact, you really don't want to see my pathetic little plants this year! We are getting a few potatoes and I found a tiny broccoli head starting to appear the other day! I'm ok with not having my own garden, but I do love fresh vegetables! [...]

Creamy Kale Steak over Rice

Hey friends!! Here's a delicious dinner idea for you!! Just, don't make it like I did! I had a really strange, unmotivated Monday but please don't judge me! We were camping Friday night, and got back around noon on Saturday! And I was very motivated then!! We got everything cleaned up and put away and [...]

coffee chocolate cookies

Hey y'all!!  I am totally into mocha everything these days! Also totally into summer everything! As in, we got a pool for our baby girl, and she loves it! And I do too! It's a great way to get some sun!! Also, loving cold iced coffees, and today I grabbed an iced coconut milk mocha [...]

of food and family matters

Hey People! Had to share some food that I absolutely was loving last weekend! This was ta-die-for!!! Tasted just like the real thing from Starbucks! My best friend turned 26 last week, so her sisters did a little surprise birthday party for her! We sat and gabbed, ate amazing food, and enjoyed the park-like setting [...]

Slow-Roasted Beef Pizza

You guys. This. Is. Incredible. First of all, I never had made a pizza using roast beef before. Ah-mazing!!! It was so tender and all that juice from roasting it... I'm taken hook, line and sinker. Also, I hadn't used tomatillos before! The reason for that: I was scared of them. I thought I probably [...]

rhubarb apple pie

Hi People! It's June! And I'm totally excited for this summer! Got so much going on, a few trips, gardening, planning to do lots of grilling and camp fires, and lots of living outside with my favorite man and my little girl! Summer means rhubarb, strawberries, and so many wonderful fresh fruits and veggies! I'm so [...]

Shrimp Veggie Stirfry

I’m sooo ready for summer!!! I love the Pacific Northwest, and I’m ever so grateful for rain, but… It has rained so much here this spring, I’m waiting for July!!! But I do love to look out at the lush green lawn, and all my little bushes. I found a rose on my rosebush this [...]