Becoming a Woman of the Word

   How many of us struggle in our lives to take enough time to read God's Word? I find myself so often finding other things to read! There's blogs and Instagram and Facebook and devotional books and health articles and storybooks! And then there's the five hundred things that we should be doing - laundry, making [...]

Shrimp Veggie Stirfry

I’m sooo ready for summer!!! I love the Pacific Northwest, and I’m ever so grateful for rain, but… It has rained so much here this spring, I’m waiting for July!!! But I do love to look out at the lush green lawn, and all my little bushes. I found a rose on my rosebush this [...]


I'm so honored that you chose to come check out this blog! Around here, we are all about knowing Jesus, learning truth and creating amazing food to enjoy! Let's talk about the Jesus part first... We are forgiven, born-again believers, we serve the One True King, and we want to spread His message to everyone. [...]