I’m so honored that you chose to come check out this blog!

Around here, we are all about knowing Jesus, learning truth and creating amazing food to enjoy!

Let’s talk about the Jesus part first… We are forgiven, born-again believers, we serve the One True King, and we want to spread His message to everyone. We want to radiate His joy, because when we are forgiven, we will have joy!! We realize that there are many Christian churches and denominations out there and we just want to be part of the true Bride of Christ!

Truth… In our culture today, there is so much truth and error mixed together. There is a power, the father of lies, who is out to deceive everyone. Many people are controlled by this evil power. So how do we know what’s really true and what’s completely false? I definitely don’t have the answers, but there’s one place we can look that’s always sure, always true. That place is the Word of God. And we’re gonna be looking at the Word a lot!

Lastly, Food! I’m so thankful God created food, and that He created it to be enjoyed! I love cookin’ for my man! I also love cooking for others in need or having company over! It completely fills my tank to see other people dig in and really enjoy eating! So I hope I can inspire you to cook from scratch, eat healthy, and eat deliciously!! 🙂

I’m also gonna talk about wife things, mommy things, and house things!!

Welcome!! I’m excited to go on this journey of life with you and my prayer is that you’ll be blessed!!

with love, Joella



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