It’s been extremely busy around here these days! We are so thankful that my man has so much work, that’s it’s been lots of evening and weekend working! It’s because we are headed to Illinois in a week or so, and they’ll have to close the automotive shop for a bit! It’s a family-run shop, and we are all headed to a big family reunion! But in the middle of the busyness, we need to take time for the beauty around us!

That’s what we were doing the other evening… There’s my sweet baby girl smelling a flower from a snowball tree! So I want to encourage you all…

Take time for the beauty around you, even in busy seasons

The other evening I opened the fridge, took out a container of pasta salad, and ta-da! It flew to the floor! My husband was on his way home, daughter was fussing, and I was frantically trying to get dinner on the table! But I laughed! Because these things happen to me a lot! And here’s the other cool thing… daughter comes crawling over and begins to eat pasta salad! Made her so happy to eat and have something to do!

So, Encouragement for you… Laugh at your mistakes, and let your kiddos eat pasta salad off the floor! It’ll make them happy and keep them quiet for a bit!

Laugh at your mistakes

Before I got married, I was very accustomed to big Sunday lunches. My mom often did mashed potatoes, meatloaf, a hot vegetable and always dessert. After I got married, I never got into the habit of cooking a big Sunday lunch, except for when we have guests. This Sunday was no exception, but I was so thirsty for lemonade, so I made a big pitcher full and we enjoyed it immensely! My man loves it with strawberries, and so do I!

We ended up taking the leftover 3/4 gallon up to a park in the afternoon where we kayaked and spent time relaxing! So make that jug of lemonade or whatever makes your husband happy! It’s totally worth it! 🙂

Do something extra special for someone!

Wishing you all lots of sunshine and happiness!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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