iced tea and books


There’s nothing like sitting down with a cold tea and a good book on a summer day! Just add sunshine and a country yard and that’s a little bit of heaven on earth!

I love reading. When I was younger, I read all the time! I mean, talk about a book worm, that was me! I remember a time when every second I didn’t have to do chores for my mom, my head was buried in a book. I lived in a fantasy world alot!

It was strange tho, that it didn’t carry through to adulthood. I read some books, but I would write or do something like that to destress instead of read. Also, I got away from novels when I was in my upper teens and read more inspirational books or my Bible.

After we got married, books totally went out the window for a while! We watched alot of Andy Griffith shows in the first few months of marriage, and I was too caught up in the newlywed state of mind to feel it was necessary to read! I know, that’s probably a bit weird, but that’s how it was!

But recently… I’ve really started into books again and I’m just loving it! I’m trying to be diverse in my books, because I think it’s important to broaden the mind!

So here’s 2 that I’m reading right now and really enjoying!

“The Fruit of Her Hands” by Nancy Wilson

She has so many amazing insights on Christian wifehood. She brings out alot different areas in which to respect a husband. For example, she talks about finances and letting him lead out in financial decisions. She brings out the importance of not talking about him and possible issues in the marriage, to other women, or even to a counsellor without consulting him first.

She also discusses how important it is that we, as women, each fulfill our own role in life. There’s alot of different gifts, talents, and stories and it’s important that we don’t compare and criticize our own story or gift with someone else, and say, “I wish I could be that organized or that efficient…” Being brutally honest here, these are the top two things that I’m aspiring to change in my life as a wife!

It’s not wrong to have aspirations and dreams of someday being more organized! And we certainly can learn plenty from others. But, in all our aspirations, we need to make sure that we are fulfilling God’s calling on our life. Also, it’s important to be meeting our husband’s needs the best we can, not trying to be like someone else and failing to be who God created us to be in our husband’s life.

The other book that has been challenging me is

Never Unfriended: the secret to finding and keeping lasting friendships by Lisa-Jo Baker

You know, it’s so easy to put up walls, have that after-church conversation on Sunday morning that goes “Hi! how are you? I’m fine, how about yourself? Not too bad.” And that’ll be as far as it gets. Lisa-Jo gets beyond the “I’m fine’s” to let’s be real. Let’s reach out. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and go the extra mile. Let’s share life and laughter!

Focusing on others is a biblical principle. It’s the golden rule – “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.” It’s hard for introverts like me to make conversations. It takes so much courage and confidence; and I believe that confidence can be found in Christ alone.

I love this quote so much – “The shortest distance between strangers and friends is a shared story about our broken places.” Maybe we’ve been hurt in friendships before. Maybe God wants us to make the first move. God, give us the courage to reach out and be the friend.

I’d love to hear from you! Have you read either of these books? How have they impacted you?


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