Help! My Baby is Constipated!

Hey y’all!

Constipation….I know this is kind of a gross subject, but it’s life! At least, it used to be part of my life as a new mom! It definitely doesn’t fall under the ‘fun’ category of mommy hood! It was more like the stress category!

I exclusively breastfed my baby until she was about 4 months. She did great those 4 months, as far as regularity! We struggled quite a bit with breast feeding; I did not enjoy it at all and she was a spitter-upper! I mean, she would vomit tablespoons of milk after every feeding! And she loved to eat about every 2 hours or less. So yeah… it was a perfect introduction to motherhood!

At 4 and a half months in, I was desperate for sleep and a change in routine, so I didn’t research much, just did what I thought was a good idea! That was buy some rice cereal… She ate it fine! She actually gobbled it up pretty quickly! I don’t know if she actually slept longer that night or not, but I kept going with that idea… She had a little bowl of cereal once or twice a day.

Soon enough, I realized that rice cereal was not the answer! Her stools got hard, and sometimes she wouldn’t go for a whole day! I knew that wasn’t good, so someone recommended oat cereal to me. I got some, but didn’t really see any different results.

I started getting the little organic food packs and fed her lots of prunes to get things moving again! I also fed her lots of veggie packs and she liked everything fairly well! But I still didn’t get results with sleeping all night…

Breastfeeding was still stressful so I decided to try a bottle. That actually seemed to help some; she definitely got more regular when she had about one or two bottles a day. It wasn’t consistently better, but I wasn’t sure what else to try so I just kept doing what I was doing and hoped she would improve!

A couple of months later, I was totally at my wit’s end. She had such hard stools, she cried when she pooped, and I was crying too! Crying and begging God for an answer! I knew that I had probably made a lot of mistakes but was really struggling with why this was happening to my baby! It broke my heart to see her in pain!!

One day, after watching this happen yet again, I just begged God to please heal my baby! I needed something. And, aloe vera juice popped into my head. I had read that aloe vera juice was good for digestion and constipation, so I thought – It’s worth a try! I tried to give it to her straight in a bottle. Well, if anyone’s ever tasted aloe vera juice, you know how gross it is!

I decided to add it to her formula, and it worked! Thank God, it worked!! I was so happy to see my precious child be able to poop without struggling or crying in pain! It was a glorious moment for this mama! I decided to research a little more how Aloe Vera actually helps the body.

We all think of aloe vera as the gel that we apply after sunburn, right? It has a nice cooling effect and will help to heal the skin and moisturize it. So what happens if we ingest pure aloe vera gel? (Please don’t eat your after sun gel, it probably isn’t good for you as it has a lot more ingredients than just aloe vera!) Aloe actually heals the gut lining and may help prevent leaky gut. It will build immunity because it increases the good bacteria in our gut. And it reduces inflammation, heartburn and constipation.

Aloe vera is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It contains Vitamins A, C, E, and B12; potassium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals; amino acids; and enzymes! That is just amazing to me. I love how God created a common plant and put a ton of health benefits in it! And it’s there for us to use.

I read that aloe vera is used in traditional Indian medicine to treat colic! Now, how cool is that!! Also, it can help prevent cancer. It’s been shown to help with skin problems and acne as well!

I’m so excited that we’ve gotten to the point where I’m not giving my daughter aloe vera juice every day! It’s such a blessing to have a healthy and happy baby girl who can eat a good variety of food and we don’t need to stress about her digestion!

If you’re a new mom and wanting to feed your baby something more than breastmilk or formula, please don’t use rice cereal! There’s so much healthier, better food for your baby! Avocados are a perfect food to start your baby off with! Or make a mixture of cooked veggies, like sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach! That was one that I made a lot of!

Also, my theory as to why the constipation didn’t go away when I took her off of rice cereal is this: she was introduced to food at too young of an age. I think it messed up the digestive enzymes in her stomach. So mamas, don’t feed your babies food at 4 months old. Breast milk has all the nutrition they need to develop those brain cells and grow chubby!

I’d love to hear from you! Has your baby ever been constipated? What did you do to overcome it? And, have you ever used aloe vera juice? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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