Sweet Potato Tacos

Happy Tuesday afternoon!!!

Want to hear a laundry story? Well, you’re about to!

I went on Amazon the other week, because I was running low on laundry detergent and didn’t want to completely run out, so I quickly picked a cheap, ‘natural’ brand that had good reviews and got it shipped to my house directly! I love Amazon Prime!!! 🙂

Mrs. Meyers arrived at my house a few days later and on time, because I wasn’t quite out yet! Yay, a win!! At least on that part!

Sweet Potato

One or two loads in with the new laundry soap, I had a big load of pajamas, etc. including my puked-on bathrobe! (Life with a one-year-old!:) It went through the washer and dryer and I put it all away, not thinking anything abnormal about how the clothing smelled!

But, that night I went to pull out daughter’s pajamas to get her ready for bed, I about couldn’t breathe!! The smell was terrible!! Imagine stale puke…

Anyway, I decided it was just from the bathrobe load, so I brushed it off and picked out all the clothes that smelled bad. Some were still salvageable without needing another wash!

Y’all, I kept washing… and rewashing!! And the smell would not go away! It started permeating all clothing!!! Not my towels, because they always get washed with vinegar and that takes care of stale smells… But I could barely stand to get dressed anymore!

I figured it out… It was most definitely the laundry detergent!! So yesterday, I was done! I pulled on a dress yesterday morning, and was like, I am not going through another week of stinky clothes!!! So off to Costco we went, to get my good old Ecos laundry detergent! It wasn’t really going to be a shopping trip day, but desperate measures needed to be taken!!! I need clean smelling clothing!!

Quick and Easy Dinner- (3).png

It was a very successful Costco trip!! They had their awesome organic sweet potatoes back in stock again! Last winter we went through bags and bags of them! I was delighted, because sweet potatoes make amazing fries! We don’t get tired of sweet potato fries like, ever!! Last night wasn’t really a fry night though, so I decided to bake them whole and then decide what to do after they were in the oven!

Turns out, you don’t need meat to make a delicious taco!! I was a bit too lazy to pull out ground beef so I thought, why not save some money and have Meatless Monday!!

It actually turned out to be our Trim Healthy Mama meal for the week, although I might make a few more THM meals this week because they’re pretty tasty!!


Here’s the recipe…

Sweet Potato Tacos


2 sweet potatoes

1/2 an onion, diced

1/2 pepper, diced

1 tsp chili powder

grated cheese

greens (lettuce, spring mix, spinach or whatever floats your boat!)

greek yogurt or sour cream



lime juice



Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Bake the sweet potatoes for an hour or until tender. 

In the mean time, prepare your taco fixings – chop lettuce, grate cheese, chop avocados and mix with lime juice and salt, and saute onions and peppers with chili powder in butter until they’re tender, almost blackened. 

When your sweet potatoes are baked, let them cool for a bit so you don’t burn your pretty little fingers! Then cut them in half and flip them onto a plate, removing the skin. Pile on your toppings in whatever order you choose! Probably the cheese close to the bottom so it melts a little! (I forgot to do that and we ate unmelted cheese…)

Enjoy on Taco Tuesday, or save them for Meatless Monday!! 🙂



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  1. I love sweet potatoes and this looks delicious! Definitely pinning for later. Also, that stinks about your laundry detergent! (pun not intended but appreciated lol)

    1. Joella says:

      Thank you! ha, well its life! Thankfully the new detergent took the smell away! 🙂

  2. That looks amazing! I love a good taco dish, and this sounds easy!

  3. I’m going to try this. Hubby needs meat though or he’s in the frig after an hour;)
    I haven’t seen them at Costco so I’ll have to see if ours carries them.!

    1. Joella says:

      I live in western Washington so Costco varies from place to place!

  4. We loooovee sweet potatoes around here and never tire of them! This looks delish!

    1. Joella says:

      i rarely get tired of sweet potatoes either! Soo good and healthy!

  5. This sounds amazing!! I love sweet potatoes with EVERYTHING, and Costco’s price is amazing!

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