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The Why Question: the passion that drives us to do what we do

I’ve been thinking recently about why I blog.

What do I even have to offer that hasn’t already been said? The truth is – probably nothing.

Why would someone want to read my perspective on life? I don’t know.

Here’s the thing – Writing has always been in my blood. As a young girl, I was always imagining and daydreaming my way through the day, and composition was my favorite class. I’m sure my school teachers can tell you of many lengthy unrealistic stories from my desk! In my teenage years I wrote a lot of stories that no one read. Mostly fantasy, unrealistic stories, but there they were. They let loose something in my heart.

I journaled my way through my teenage years, scripting all the crushes, deep desires, and frustrations of being a teenager. I threw away some of the journals because seriously, my teenage brain wasn’t very deep or realistic… But I did keep some because I always thought it would be fun to let my teenagers (if I ever had any) read them.

When I got my own laptop, I spent evenings writing devotional thoughts and prayers. And especially during the two years I spent teaching a precious twelve year old Autistic girl, that late night journaling kept me sane.

So here I am, writing to you, my dear readers. I found that after the newness of marriage and motherhood wore off, I still needed an outlet. And by newness, I don’t mean the preciousness and beauty of marriage and motherhood, because these two callings are what God has called me to do first. But, right now God has called me to this too – sharing His heart through my words, and hopefully bringing a little more brightness and perspective to your day! So that’s my why!

Crystal Paine talks about always remembering our why in blogging. But that’s important in every area of life, no matter what you do!

The most important why in life is Jesus. He is the ultimate reason behind everything a Christian does. He needs to get all the glory for everything we accomplish!

And then there’s our own gifts and passions that God has given us. God gave us gifts for a purpose, to advance His kingdom and also, I believe, to bring fulfillment in our own lives. Whether we love DIY projects, sewing, or creating a beautiful yard and can find time to do and enjoy them, that brings glory to God!

Here’s a somewhat related thought that I heard recently: When something stops being fun, we should stop and evaluate why we’re doing it. Okay, I realize that’s not quite realistic. Motherhood isn’t always fun! (Unless that’s what changing dirty diapers is to you?) But really, there’s some truth to that!  When duties in life become that – a duty – and not something we love, maybe we should realign our priorities or our thought patterns.

When duties become just that.png

When we use our talents wisely, we don’t always know who we’ll be blessing! For example, I love going to one of my friend’s in the summer because she always has gorgeous flowers. They’re beautiful and she love to do them and they make me happy whenever I see them! (And a bit jealous, because that’s obviously not my talent! haha!) But I love that she’s good at it and she does a great job!! So maybe for you it’s someone’s artistry in drawing, or sewing! If you love something, do it, and bring beauty to someone else’s day besides your own!!

Jesus told a story about the three men who each received talents. Two of the men used their talents wisely and advanced God’s kingdom. The third man, who only received one talent, went and buried it in the ground. When the King came back, they each gave account for what they did. The third man’s talent was taken away from him, because he didn’t do anything with it.

Maybe some of us don’t feel very gifted. But God still has a purpose for us and we’ve got to do our best with what we have! If we don’t feel like we have much purpose, we can always go back to the fact that God created us and desires for us to be useful in our own little spot!

Whether you teach school, write books, take pictures, cook gourmet or easy meals, are a stay-at-home wife or run after littles all day, there can be so much purpose in it if we remember this verse:

‘And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;  Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ. ‘ Colossians 3:23-24




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