Happy New Year! Words and Ambitions for 2018

It’s 2018!! And yes, I realize it’s a few days after January 1! But… Life happens and we had an incredible holiday with family and friends! It was so good to go offline for a few weeks and enjoy getting away with family!!


But, I’m super excited for the new year and what it’s going to hold!! It looks full and overflowing and not lacking with things to do!

I’ve been meditating most of December on resolutions and a word for next year. I’m pretty much a failure at keeping new years resolutions… Can I get an amen? I mean, it’s easy the first few weeks and then things just kinda fizzle out, right? Getting up 15 minutes earlier, creating a routine and sticking with it, exercising or whatever your resolutions could be… By January 31, it’s easy to say, “oh I don’t have time today,” and then end up skipping it the next day and then the next… And then you fall off the bandwagon completely!

But, I’m done with that kind of life. I’m done thinking that because I fail to do good one day, that the next day will be the same, so I don’t try very hard the day after that either! That life is over, people!! It’s a new year and a new life.

I feel like last year was a year of learning. I took a course called 15 days to a healthier You to kickstart the year. Also learned lots of new things through out the year, about vaccines, essential oils, relationships, and – well, I’m of the mind frame to never stop learning. But…

It’s time to put things to practice. So, I pronounce 2018 as the year of Giving.

Giving as in:

  • Loving more wholeheartedly.
  • Looking for needs that we can pour into.
  • Giving grace and forgiveness more freely.
  • Sharing truth more openly.
  • Giving all things to God with lives and hearts wide open.

I realize that’s about as generic of a list as I could make. Those are also all small things. But I read this amazing article about goal setting on The Lazy Genius blog, and I’m going to share some of it with you.

A goal is a purposeful direction, not a destination.

I know I know this goes against everything you’ve ever heard about goals, but hear me out.

Most productivity gurus talk about SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals. This idea was introduced in a management magazine over 35 years ago and has stuck around in a big way. Don’t set a goal to lose weight but instead to walk 30 minutes a day for three months! It’s specific, you can measure it, it’s achievable if you just do it, it’s pretty realistic assuming your kid doesn’t get sick, and you can check it off in three months! Easy, right?

SMART goals might be technically correct, but they leave little room for the soul, for grace, and for the why. We give up because we lose motivation, we see failing as the end, or we don’t even know why we picked our specific, measurable goals in the first place. Trying to put SMART checkboxes next to everything in our jam-packed mental file folder is too sterile, too robotic.

And yet we keep doing it because that’s all there is, right?

Wrong. Praise hands emoji.



Sometimes it’s a really good idea to make SMART goals. Like in business. But life and Christianity is not a business. We don’t figure in God’s little interventions when we set goals like that. It’s important to remember in all goal setting that God might have different plans. And, God did not create us to be robots. He created us with a choice. He created us with passions and the need to have a why.

So when we lose that why, that motivation, we give up our goals and become discouraged because we failed one time. Maybe then’s the time to go back, evaluate and pray, and get back up on our feet again! “Winners never quit. Quitters never win.”

Okay, I think this is getting a bit rambly here! I want to share a couple more things I read about goal setting that I love:

How to Set Goals That Matter and Stick

1. Pick your path.
2. Find the edge.
3. Plan to stumble.
4. Celebrate the right way.

That sounds doable! It’s good to remember that it won’t be perfect. And it’s good to remember to celebrate the small victories!!

Pick your path. Not a checkbox goal but a path toward becoming someone, not accomplishing something.

I like the thought she gave, and I believe it originally comes from Michael Hyatt, about looking 10 years down the road at the person you want to become. Then make small goals and take small steps toward becoming that person. Small steps might feel useless. They might feel boring. But if we remember the bigger picture, then we know they’re what make the bigger picture.

So, on the path of Giving, I just want to be less selfish, less me focused, and more open to others, and more of seeing others’ needs and wishes before my own.

Very basic, but something I definitely need to grow in!!


That’s my little sermon/pep talk to myself for the year. I think I’ll come back and read it often, so I stay on track with goals and ambitions.

How about you? Did you make a word or phrase for your year? Leave a comment and let me know!!!

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