Compared to Who? – An Honest Look at Motherhood

"I'm such a bad Mom!" "I'm just not cut out for this mom thing!" "I feel sorry for my children having me for a Mom!" Do you ever say or think anything like that? Or maybe I'm the only one that feels completely incapable of being 'a good mom'... Whatever that means! What does being [...]

Fall, Sourdough and Chocolate!

Happy First Day of Fall!!! Yay!!! Just wanted to share with you some incredible food we've been eating lately and share a recipe that I found that is AH-maz-ing!! Last Friday (a week ago!) we had a BBQ birthday party for two of the guys Brian works with! That was super fun and so delicious! [...]

Reflections on Mommyhood

Hey Friends! My sister sent this to me and I thought it was too good not to share! I gaze at my children... Today I hear pattering feet as one tumble-headed, sleepy-eyed child came from her bed to me. She comes to find her mummy. She loves me and find supports and comfort and security in [...]

Happy Monday Friend!

Hey! How's your week starting out? We are looking forward to a really warm week! The forecast is for up to 106 deg one day!! Wow, that's quite unusual for our area! I have a question for you - What's your favorite way to beat the heat? Do you have a beach near you that [...]

Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes

Hello, Sweet Friends! Raspberries are in season around here! Yay! We've been eating a lot of them! They make a great snack for daughter and are wonderful in so many recipes! As in, these cupcakes! I am thrilled to be sharing a gluten free and dairy free recipe with you today! I've been experimenting more [...]


It's been extremely busy around here these days! We are so thankful that my man has so much work, that's it's been lots of evening and weekend working! It's because we are headed to Illinois in a week or so, and they'll have to close the automotive shop for a bit! It's a family-run shop, and [...]