Reflections on Mommyhood

Hey Friends! My sister sent this to me and I thought it was too good not to share! I gaze at my children... Today I hear pattering feet as one tumble-headed, sleepy-eyed child came from her bed to me. She comes to find her mummy. She loves me and find supports and comfort and security in [...]

Romans 2:1

When we look at nature around us, it proves something about God - He is creative and detailed! He created such an intricate design on little flowers, large trees, insects, humans - all of His creation is very detailed and amazing!! But there are some things He didn't share the details on... God didn't tell [...]

four ways to use zucchini

Hey y'all! So, I am not a gardener... In fact, you really don't want to see my pathetic little plants this year! We are getting a few potatoes and I found a tiny broccoli head starting to appear the other day! I'm ok with not having my own garden, but I do love fresh vegetables! [...]

Happy Monday Friend!

Hey! How's your week starting out? We are looking forward to a really warm week! The forecast is for up to 106 deg one day!! Wow, that's quite unusual for our area! I have a question for you - What's your favorite way to beat the heat? Do you have a beach near you that [...]

Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes

Hello, Sweet Friends! Raspberries are in season around here! Yay! We've been eating a lot of them! They make a great snack for daughter and are wonderful in so many recipes! As in, these cupcakes! I am thrilled to be sharing a gluten free and dairy free recipe with you today! I've been experimenting more [...]

Help! My Baby is Constipated!

Hey y'all! Constipation....I know this is kind of a gross subject, but it's life! At least, it used to be part of my life as a new mom! It definitely doesn't fall under the 'fun' category of mommy hood! It was more like the stress category! I exclusively breastfed my baby until she was about [...]

Creamy Kale Steak over Rice

Hey friends!! Here's a delicious dinner idea for you!! Just, don't make it like I did! I had a really strange, unmotivated Monday but please don't judge me! We were camping Friday night, and got back around noon on Saturday! And I was very motivated then!! We got everything cleaned up and put away and [...]

coffee chocolate cookies

Hey y'all!!  I am totally into mocha everything these days! Also totally into summer everything! As in, we got a pool for our baby girl, and she loves it! And I do too! It's a great way to get some sun!! Also, loving cold iced coffees, and today I grabbed an iced coconut milk mocha [...]